British men at Fire Saving the mother Paralyzed in Hotel Dubai

A British man tells how he and his mother were paralyzed to flee from a fire in dubai. Angua Villar said she heard of her father's fire warning on Thursday (31/12) night around 21:30. The father saw the fire from the balcony of the family while enjoying a drink on the 15th floor.

"I came out of the balcony and saw the room next to my room on fire," he told Sky News. "We are trying to save themselves before the fire alarm off."

They were crammed to reach the emergency stairs.

"You certainly hope that people will put women and children. But many people push each other while descending date. They even climb to one another."

Villar said at the time he brought his mother everyday use wheelchairs. Because the wheelchair is not possible, he was forced to carry on his back.
 Fire occurs when millions of people want to celebrate New Year's Eve at the kta. One person was reported killed and at least 14 others were injured due to smoke inhalation.

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