Dubai Hotel fire cause in New year And Firework party

Many people ask what cause of the fire at Hotel Dubai? New Year's Eve yesterday at the City Hotel Address Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on fire. This event is the Dubai government said at least 14 people injured. But a medical officer in the field told Reuters news agency: "There are more than 60 people injured, including a minor injuries because of shortness of breath and crammed when fighting with other people in the emergency stairs when going to save yourself. A number of questions in this incident remain unanswered. What are the causes of the fire and why the fire spread so fast? Why the warning alarm sounds take long for?

Dubai Hotel fire cause in New year And Firework party

A source told CNN, it triggered a fire at the hotel on the curtain at in a room on the 20th floor were burned. The fire then spread widely in the five-star hotel with 60 floors and 302 meters high, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Saturday (2/1). Fire began at around 21:30 and the new firefighters managed to extinguish the fire 12 hours later.

All residents have been evacuated from the 63-story hotel's Address on Thursday (31/12) night. Emergency vehicles are still in the surrounding area. Authorities said 14 people were injured.

When a fire broke out in the 63-story hotel in the city center, tens of thousands of people gathered in fenced areas nearby to watch the New Year's fireworks display, something that held massive Dubai and proud.

Sitting in a restaurant nearby a few hundred meters from the hotel, we looked up when the fountains gush every half hour. When we clap for the water show, Address Hotel building on fire. Within minutes, a fire broke out on the north side of the building the hotel shocked crowd in restaurants. Within minutes, the flaming debris falling from the building.

The hotel is located opposite the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa as high as 800 meters, which became the center's first 25-minute fireworks show across Dubai to welcome 2016.

The roads in and out of the complex was closed with an iron barrier from 6 pm until 9:30 more, and the streets are crowded with people. They meet footpaths. Many families with children and strollers. But also a lot of security officers. The crowd of people, many of them guest workers from India and Pakistan, calm. This is article about Dubai Hotel fire cause in New year And Firework party

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