How Much Victims Fire Hotel in Dubai New Year 2015 - 2016

How Much Victims Fire Hotel in Dubai New Year 2015 - 2016  ? Dubai - At least 16 people were injured in a fire incident that happened at the Address Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is located not far from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

In the official Twitter account of Dubai City Government mentioned, 14 people suffered minor injuries, one person suffered moderate wounds and the other one had a heart attack due to the density of the smoke evacuation and incursions in the fire location. But, of all the victims had received medical assistance. The local government also mentioned fires in the building's 63 floors are from outside the 20th floor and had spread into the building. That's because the fire extinguishing system works well. The government is also preparing new accommodation for the guests who were evacuated.

But, quoted from page, a number of hotel occupants confessed not hear the warning alarm when the fire occurred. Similarly, the automatic-sprinkler spray-tool does not work when the fire began to lick the 991-foot tall building.

How Much Victims Fire Hotel in Dubai New Year 2015 - 2016

Released from the CNN page, looks fire began to burn the building at 09.30 pm local time. Eyewitnesses said they heard an explosion when the fire began to spread around the building. More than 9 hours after the clouds of smoke is still appear from several floors of the building which is in operation since 2008.

"There is a huge flame and you could hear the building structure began to fall and cause an explosion sound," said Bruce Szczepanski, witnesses who witnessed the fire from the balcony of a nearby hotel.

Other eyewitness, CNN Correspondent Spain Jacqueline Hurtado also heard the explosion when he was in a restaurant near the region. He thought it was a thumping sound like fireworks lit slide early. But, he suddenly saw a lot of people shouting and running.
4 Team firefighters were deployed to tackle the fire in the Hotel Address. The road leading towards the fire location was also closed to facilitate evacuation and fire fighting process.
The government has not delivered the cause of the fire. Similarly, when asked whether related terror attacks.

Even so, the incident did not stop the New Year celebrations nan plan majestic Burj Khalifa. Twitter account mentioned the local government, they will continue the celebration of the new year featuring video mapping in skyscrapers and fireworks.

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