Selfie in Fire Location Hotel Dubai, This Couple criticized

Selfie in Fire Location Hotel Dubai, This Couple criticized - Everyone love selfie especially in moments of beautiful and extreme, but in contrast to this one. A couple received strong criticism from netizens due selfie upload a photo that makes a fire in Dubai as the background.

Netizen deplore, both person in the photo is so insensitive as to think that tragedy could be a good background before the fireworks started.

Selfie in Fire Location Hotel Dubai, This Couple criticized

"Happy New Year my Dubai. May God bless and keep you always safe. You (Dubai) always give us a surprise with your biggest fireworks, "wrote Abdul Rahman Alateeqi in his Instagram account, as a caption under a photo of the hotel fire, excerpted from the Mirror, Friday (01/01/2016).

The photo immediately invaded by negative comments from netizens. Some call the photo was very inappropriate and totally insane. Not a few were insinuating openly.

"Yeah, let's take pictures, selfie where people burn to death (into the background)," quipped a netizen.

With so many accusations and pressure, finally the photo was deleted by the original owners.
Hotel Address Dubai in flames before the celebration of New Year 2016. Fire berkorbar from the 20th floor of the building which is located right next to Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Thousands of people managed to get out safely with no one else was hurt.

In the fire that occurred right around the time Dubai residents are waiting for the moment of turn of the year, suddenly the hotel The Address Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on fire. As quoted by Reuters, despite all hotel occupants have been evaluated, 16 people reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Based on the testimony of a medical officer no more than 60 people suffered respiratory problems due to smoke inhalation.

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