Bullying at School Articles For High Students to Read

Bullying at School - If you need info or article about bullying at school, maybe this article can give you more info Bullying at School Articles For High Students to Read. Bullying at school is probably one of the most common locations for child bullying to occur.   It can occur in and around all areas of the school although it is more likely to occur at recess or lunch times, in hallways, toilets, during sport or PE, on school buses, in classes that require group work and also during after-school activities.Bullying has a propensity to occur when there is little or no classroom or playground supervision and control.  It also raises its head when large groups of children engage in horse play or while playing competitive sports.

Bullying at school may sometimes be likened to a “pack mentality” where groups of students attempt to isolate one student in particular and gain the loyalty of bystanders who are intimidated by what they see and want to avoid becoming the next victim. These bullies usually try and start off with verbal bullying tactics such as yelling, teasing, name-calling, insulting and threatening their target before moving onto physically bullying the victim by pushing them around, hitting, tripping, pinching, slapping or punching and attempting to cause physical harm.What Causes Bullying In Generally

Bullying at School Articles For High Students to Read

It has been estimated that on average, bullying can happen in school playgrounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in the classroom.   Boys tend to be represented more so in physical forms of bullying whereas girls tend to be seen engaging in bully more so through indirect means, such as exclusion, gossiping, spreading rumors and telling lies.

Around 85% of bullying incidents happen within peer groups.   The most common form of school bullying is verbal (name calling etc) with physical abuse being the least common.

Experience shows that bullying in schools is usually reduced where the principal and other school leaders demonstrate a firm pro-active commitment to reducing and stamping out the behaviour.

Cases have been reported where bullying can also be instigated by teachers and the school system itself.   This can occur because there is a built-in imbalance of power in the school system that can lend itself to subtle or covert abuse, humiliation, or exclusion.   This may happen despite the appearance of maintaining an express and overt commitment to anti-bullying policies and practices.

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