If Your Child is a Victim of Bullying, I Can Help You RIGHT NOW

If Your Child is a Victim of Bullying, I Can Help You RIGHT NOW…
…Start by Reading this Important Message…

Dear Parent:

If your child is the victim of bullying, you can quickly become desperate. Your child can become withdrawn and strangely quiet and the bullying can affect their academic performance—and the entire family. Bullying can place you on the emotional rollercoaster and you’ll experience anger, tears, frustration, sorrow, and emptiness…

But most of all, you simply want to find a solution—and fast.

I’m Danny Swanson, a nationally-recognized expert on the subject of bullying. I’ve studied bullying, its impact, its causes, and its cures. And I’m happy to share my knowledge with parents who are seeking a lasting—and immediate—solution to the problem.

I was recently interviewed and I’m happy to help you and your child by sharing the 36-minute interview. The interview is titled: “Know Bullying.” I’m making an MP3 available plus a full transcript of the interview. Both the MP3 and the transcript are free to parents who are worried about bullying.

In “Know Bullying” you’ll discover:
• What really causes bullying
• How it starts
• Surprising facts about bullying
• Practical anti-bullying steps you can take right now
• How to avoid violence
• How bullying affects the child—and the family
• The long-term effects if it’s left unchecked
• Proven techniques for dealing with bullying
• How dealing with the cause of bullying is the key to dealing with the symptoms.

The information you’ll discover in the interview can help you end the sense of hopelessness you may be feeling. The information can also help your child achieve:

• Improved emotional wellbeing
• Better academic performance
• Stronger relationships with family
• Improved enjoyment of sports and extra-curricular activities
• Better communication with parents and teachers
• A sense of emotional balance
As a parent, after reading or listening to the interview, you’ll gain:

• A new sense of empowerment
• An end to sleepless nights and permanent worry
• Insight into your child’s emotions
• Access to the latest anti-bullying strategies
• Proven ways to put guilt, fear, and hopelessness in the rear view mirror
You have a simple choice…

If bullying is a major and serious worry, I’ve got some news for you. It’s not going away unless you take very specific action. So…

You can hope the bullying goes away by itself (it won’t)


You can take the first step on the road to bringing happiness back into your child’s life by downloading the free MP3 and transcript.

There is no charge for either. I won’t share your information. And there’s no obligation to buy anything. I simply want to help you end this nightmare.


Danny Swanson
Know Bullying Expert

P.S. Many parents believe that what their child is going through is THEIR fault…when, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. So whatever you do, DON’T beat yourself up.

But if bullying is starting to take over your life, you MUST take action. Left unchecked, bullying can escalate into something much, much worse. So get on the road to solving the problem right now by putting your name and email in the box on the right and downloading the interview now.Original info form http://knowbullying.com.au

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