Gadgets Can Weaken Children motor skills

Gadgets Can Weaken Children motor skills

Gadgets Can Weaken Children motor skills - Children prefer to spend time playing with a tablet or smartphone rather than physical play outdoors? Be careful, because children are at risk delays in motor ability.

The phenomenon of children with weak motor skills begin to occur later, when the use of gadgets infecting up to toddlers though. For example, a growing number of kindergarten age children who are not even able to hold a pencil properly, or third grade elementary school children whose handwriting was ugly. In addition, according to a study conducted in schools in the UK, there are many children who have speech delay or language skills are lacking or slurred as a result of excessive use of gadgets

The researchers acknowledged that the educational applications in the gadget can help the children of today become more intelligent. But, the problem is in us as parents. Many parents allow children too close to the gadget and does not realize that the habit even hinder physical development of children.

From now on, there's nothing wrong you introduce physical game, such as climbing trees or playing a ball to the boy, or meronce beads and hair braid dolls to girls.

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