Gross Motor Skills Activities For Toddlers

Gross Motor Skills Activities For Toddlers - Today i'm going to sharing about gross motor activities for toddlers.Marsha Gerdes, Ph.D., a psychologist who is also a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA, suggested that parents carefully consider the expression or gestures child while playing. So, immediately stop playing and rest so the child looked away, shifted his eyes, or fussy.

In addition, a selection of games can be done based on the development of skills, according to age. What skills? Improve gross motor skills. The following games can improve children's ability to use the large muscles in the arms, legs, and body.There are 4 important areas that must be considered a parent in terms of intellectual development of children, namely Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Motor Intelligence and Communication Intelligence. Four must evolve in tandem so that the intellectual development of children is maximized.

The right stimulus will make a fourth area that intelligence be grown up. This time we will share tips provide appropriate stimulation for motor intelligence of children aged 0-12 months.

Gross motor skills are body movements that use the large muscles, a large part or the whole body, which is influenced by age, weight and physical development of children. Examples of gross motor skills are kicking, sitting, standing, walking, running and climbing stairs up and down. While the fine motor skills are associated with the physical skills that involve small muscles and eye-hand coordination.Here's gross and fine motor stimulation of the child in accordance with the growth of age.

Gross Motor Skills Activities For Toddlers

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0 - 3 months: Play feet and hands

How to: Face the baby on a flat mat. While singing their favorite song, slowly bend your legs, then straighten your back. Do this several times. After that, hold their hand, and move up and down slowly. Repeat the game in a sleeping position on your side or stomach.

Benefit: Making the baby aware of their body. At the beginning of life, babies can not distinguish between body and your body. Along with the rhythm of the song you sing, you can also help to coordinate the movements simple.

Toddlers 4-6 months

At this age, your baby can lean to the left and right sides of the body, face down, use your hands to support themselvesas he sat down, rolled over, and use both hands to explore toys.

Stimulation of gross motor

- Ring the toy above your baby's head and move the toy slowly to one side. This will stimulate the child to tilt and rolled over.
- Lay in the prone position and rang a toy from the top or the front for your child to lift their head. Activity can train their neck muscles.

- At the age of 6 months your child can not sit alone, but you can already position them to sit down when worn or placed in the stroller.
-sit In a high chair to sit alone stimulate learning.

7-9 months

At this age, your child is could sit down and get a toy without falling, crawling, sitting and standing. Using both hands to explore toys. Taking small objects with thumb and fingers.

Stimulation of gross motor

- Place a mirror in front of your child. Let them do the lifting, lowering the buttocks and back, and swing forward and backward.
- Crawl with your child to practice balance the body.
- Stand in front of your baby to train leg muscles.

10-12 months

At this age your child is able to lift her to stand and walk alone. Maybe they've been able to walk alone. Sit without support behind them and turned their heads without losing balance. Maintaining balance while throwing the ball and clapping.

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Stimulation of gross motor

- Put the toys in place that can be reached and move. Then, give the passion to reach for objects, patting the floor.
- Encourage your child to practice walking on your lawn or garden.
- To train running, hold hands and give the spirit by asking your child to swing my feet step by step.
- The age one year baby can walk alone without held or guided, but if you can not, continue to deliver the stimulus to make it run. I hope you enjoy article about Gross Motor Skills Activities For Toddlers, 

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