The Factors Causing to Bullying Behavior Occurrence

The Factors causing to Bullying Behavior Occurrence - Many factors cause the occurrence of bullying behavior. Quiroz et al (2006; in Anesty 2009) suggests there are at least three factors that can lead to bullying behavior, as follows.

Family relationship

Children will imitate the values ​​and behavior of family members that he saw daily so that it becomes values ​​and behaviors that he embraced (the result of imitation). With respect to the behavior of imitation child, if the child is raised in a family that tolerates violence or bullying, then he learned that bullying is a behavior that is acceptable in building a relationship or in achieving what they want (image), so then he imitate (imitation) behavior the bullying. According to Diena Haryana (, because of the parents at home who types like cursing, compare or physical violence. Children also consider the true language of violence.

Friends of the same age

One of the major factors of bullying behavior in teens are caused by their peers who had a negative impact by spreading the idea (both active and passive) that bullying is not a major problem and it is a natural thing to do. According Djuwita Ratna (2005) in his time, young people have a desire to no longer dependent on his family and began to seek support and sense of security of the peer group. So bullying occurs because of demands


With regard to factors peers and social environment, there are several causes of action bullies bullying are:
Anxiety and feelings of inferiority of a principal
Competition is not realistic
Resentment that arise because of hostility or because the bullies had been the victim of bullying earlier
Inability to handle emotions positively (Rahman, 2008: 47).

The influence of the media

The survey conducted by the compass (Saripah, 2006) showed that 56.9% of children mimicking scenes she had seen the movie, they generally mimic the movement (64%) and words (43%).
Through the training organized by the Foundation Sejiwa (2007), summarized some opinions of parents about why kids become bullies, among them:
Because they have been victims of bullying
Wanting to show the existence of self
to be recognized
Negative influence of TV shows
Covering lack of self
Seeking attention
Frequent harassment from the other party
want to be famous
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