The Most Expensive Wedding Gifts Ever You Should Know

The Most Expensive Wedding Gifts Ever You Should Know - What are you thinking when the wedding? Cake, rings, drinks and a nice meal? Married is the most awaited by everyone. This is a sacred moment and full of happiness, so often people will do things that make the wedding to be very special.

Not only parties magnificent and luxurious, expensive prizes are also identical to a wedding, especially if held by people famous or well-off. Basically, wedding gifts known to almost all levels of society in the world, because most weddings are synonymous with a number of gifts, whether it is simple or expensive though.

In its development, wedding gifts necessarily changed and follow the conditions and also the times. From its unique, so that never imagine, there are many forms of wedding gifts given. Some of the most expensive wedding gifts, can be listened following:

The Most Expensive Wedding Gifts Ever You Should Know

1.The Star of The East

The Star of The East

Not only is expensive, so this could also be one of the most beautiful wedding gift ever. The Star of the East is a beautiful diamond 95 carat pear-shaped pear hanging on the chain of emerald hexagonal shaped and decorated with 32 pearls 34 carat. The beauty of The Star of the East is certainly worth the price reached USD 120,000. The prices very expensive for a wedding gift, is not it?

This wedding gifts received by Evelyn Wlash of her husband Edward Beale McLean McLean at their wedding in 1908. Evelyn is the daughter of a wealthy immigrant who came from Ireland, Thomas Walsh, who had business in the field of American mining and turnover reached billions of rupiah. Evelyn is the inheritor of the business, married to Edward who is also the heir to a major publishing companies ..

2.A Set Clive Christian Perfume

A Set Clive Christian Perfume

What price the most expensive perfume you've ever bought? Ever thought you would spend millions just to buy a small set of perfume?

The most expensive perfume in the world, so the record received by Clive Christian, a businessman famous perfume in the world. No half-hearted, this perfume prices reached USD 450.000 Maybe some of you must be wondering, how can it be very expensive?

Cost of manufacture is fairly expensive  who make this perfume price being so high. To manufacture an ounce of its course, the perfume is a cost of USD 2,350. This fee has been covering the purchase of cinnamon and roses Italy in it. To get one drop of oil alone, it takes 170 roses Italy, imagine how many thousands of roses that will be used to make a bottle of perfume.

Not only the contents are special, Clive Christian perfume packaging also has a very luxurious and beautiful. Perfume bottle neck is made of 24 carat gold, and equipped with a 5 carat diamond inset. In particular for the seal on the bottle, the perfume is still under seal permitted by Queen Victoria and has been used since more than 135 years ago

3.Gulfstream Jet Aircraft Modif

Gulfstream Jet Aircraft Modif

Who is not familiar with Tom Cruise? The handsome actor who has starred in dozens of film titles. Tom was so pay attention to his marriage, he even bought a Gulfstream jet aircraft for USD 20 million as a wedding gift to Katie Holmes.

Wedding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes held in a castle founded in the 15th century Odescalchi, in Bracciano, Italy. The pair spent up to USD 3.5 million not only on his marriage only, on their engagement Tom also gave a Fred Leighton diamond ring oval for USD 275,000.

You may be have to save more money for your wedding and Thank you for reading the article about The Most Expensive Wedding Gifts Ever You Should Know.I hope you will be ready to marriage, although with a simple and most importantly, can eternal and once in your lifetime!

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