Articles: Conflict Resolution With Assertive Communication

Conflict Resolution With Assertive Communication 

Articles: Conflict Resolution With Assertive Communication  - Conflict is good. It really is. Conflict teaches us about working with all kinds of people and situations and finding solutions and  a resolution that is reasonably fair to all.

Many of us have been taught that a conflict means a fight.  A fight usually means a winner and a loser.  If we don’t feel that we will be the winner, then it is best to stay out of the way of someone who disagrees with us.  We may feel that conflict should be avoided because it will only produce bad feelings and violent reactions.  but conflict has the potential and power to produce growth, adventure,  and clear boundaries of behavior.

Assertive Communication is Key to Manage Conflict

Setting boundaries and working towards a respectful resolution is what we do when we care about ourselves and others.

Stating what your needs and boundaries are allows the other person to be more respectful.

If we did not care about the people in our relationships we would not bother with the energy to disagree.  We will either become resentful or end the relationship. By using assertive communication skills and treating others as we would like to be treated, we have the opportunity to resolve conflict in a more productive way.

Some techniques of being assertive that I have found to be effective is to;

Talk in short sentences “I hear what you have said. I think there is a misunderstanding.”
Deepen your voice and slow down your speech.  We tend to become more shrill when excited and sends signal we are emotionally vulnerable.
Be firm, kind and consistent in what you want to happen “I recognize it will take time to accomplish the assignment, but it needs to be done by five o’clock.” Then repeat if necessary.
Do not interrupt or answer for the other person. After you have stated what you want to have happen and asked for feedback, be silent.

Opposite of Love Is Not Hate–But Indifference

Conflict with others is a normal part of our life.  However, we can learn to speak in an assertive and respectful tone that will help discover a fair solution. When we care enough about ourselves and the ones we share relationship with, we will want to learn techniques that will make getting along easier and more pleasant for everyone involved.

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