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Parents Bully Teachers Online - While most schools encourage open communication between parents and teachers, there are some instances where it borders on bullying or abuse. Emails and text messages from parents to teachers and school staff can make it difficult for teachers to concentrate on educating a large group of students intricate subjects.

More and more schools offer homework assignments and grading online, as a convenience to both student and parent. Often the message the child shares about homework assignments and the assignment as listed online are different. Rather than take the word of the teacher as to what the assignment entails, it often is easier for parents to intervene. Sometimes becoming assertive or even aggressive towards the teacher.

Later we will discuss how to create a partnership between teachers, students and their parents to make learning rewarding for everyone.

Parents Bully Teachers Online | Cyberbullying Help

Parents Bully Teachers Online

Helicopter Parents

There are parents who hover over the school administration trying to supervise every detail of their child’s life. This has been dubbed “helicopter parenting.” Their main objective is to control everything and everyone who comes in contact with their child. These parents may have forgotten that their child is not the only one in the class and perhaps he/she is not working up to potential.

It is a disservice to the child when they intervene or antagonize a teacher. The child receives the message that they are weak and cannot take responsibility for their own choices and decisions. The child may grow up with a victim mentality and may not develop problem solving skills effectively. It may be more beneficial to ask the child to brainstorm solutions rather than just have a parent step in. By stepping in the parent takes away the child’s power.

A child who has always been rescued may grow up with the attitude that they deserve special treatment and often blame others for their problems. An important part of being a successful adult is learning to assume personal responsibility and looking for meaningful solutions.

Partnership Between Home and School

When parent, teacher and child work together to build successful study habits and life skills, everyone benefits. Parents should enhance the schoolwork through open communication and brainstorming as well as encouragement of the student, the teachers and school personnel.

When a parent is upset by something happening at school it can be very easy to send an accusatory email in the heat of the moment. The email may not set the right tone for the communication, and may even be offensive. Parents who have concerns and wish to work together to solve problems, are best to communicate face to face. Through face-to-face communication we use both verbal skills and body language, which helps to convey a positive message. For more information on dealing with conflict without confrontation, visit

Blame and Bullying

I have talked to many teachers who have made the difficult decision to quit the teaching profession or who have become jaded in dealing with disrespectful children and parents who won’t acknowledge problems, or take ownership of them.

These teachers feelings are reflective of the feelings of many educators who say they are tired of being blamed and bullied for the behavior of children which should have and could have been corrected with consistent discipline at home.

This migration of gifted and talented teachers is disheartening. Those of us who care deeply about the education and guidance of young people are leaving the teaching profession in staggering numbers. With more open dialogue between parents and teachers, and more respect from children and parents alike schools could once again be the fulfilling and enlightening place it should be!

After all, everyone wants is to be treated with respect and courtesy. You can’t beat the golden rule, “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

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